Eagle Scout Hall Of Honor

I am the Eagle

It has been a long hard - but wonderful - road. I have mastered my goal. With deep humility I now stand as a representative of the best that scouting can accomplish in the lives of boys. May I now pass on to my younger brothers a portion of my knowledge.



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Eagle scouts

Eagle Scout



David McMillon   2014
Simon Scherer   2014
Collin Raffield   2013
Gaither, Nicholas J   2013
Mettler, Michael A   2012
Wheeler, Jarrett J   2012
Philip Dante   2012
David White   2011
Gaddis, Daniel S   2011
Gaither, Michael   2010
Lester, Skyler h   2010
Schwartz, Kevin M   2010
James, Eric E 2 Palms 2010
Hampton, Kyle B   2009
Black, Nicholson R   2009
Bomar, Jonathan D   2009
Dante, Thomas M 6 Palms 2009
Eckstein, Brian L   2009
Johnson, Kory W   2008
Stout, Todd A   2008
Masse, Andrew   2008
Bateman, Matthew W   2008
Norton, Michael A   2008
Robinson, Albert   2008
Amundsen, Andrew   2008
Thomas, William 1 Palm 2006
Pande, Anirudh   2006
Pande, Shivanshu   2005
Duggan, Jeff   2003
Pavlovsky, Arthur   2002
Dickson, Charlie   2001
Coleman, Brian   2001

Eagle Scout